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Cultural Industry Group

Wanda Cultural Industry Group is China’s largest cultural enterprise, with assets of 90.3 billion yuan and annual revenue of 51.2 billion yuan in 2015. It owns four companies - film holdings, sports holdings, tourism holdings and children’s entertainment. This sector is gradually emerging as one of Wanda’s core businesses. By 2020, Wanda Cultural Industry Group aims to be ranked among the top five cultural companies in the world in terms of revenue.

Film Holdings Film Holdings

Wanda Film Holdings Company is China’s biggest film company. It is the only company in the world to have a complete industrial chain which spans film production, distribution, screening, film studios, film festival, and more.

Tourism Holdings Tourism Holdings

Wanda Tourism Holdings Company is China’s largest tourism company with an annual income of 12.7 billion yuan in 2015. It possesses a comprehensive industry chain with large-scale tourist destinations, physical travel agencies and online travel sites. The company aims to serve 200 million customers and become the world’s biggest tourism company by 2020.

Sports Holdings Sports Holdings

Wanda Sports Holding Company operates more than 20 sport activities including skiing, football and the Ironman triathlon. With more than 25 offices in 13 countries around the world, it is the world's largest sports company.

Children’s Entertainment Children’s Entertainment

Wanda’s newest business model involves two kid-focused brands of educational entertainment parks: Wanda Kidsplace (2000-3000 square meters each) and Kids Park (7000-10000 square meters each). With 9 new locations planned in 2014 and a target of 400 locations by 2020, they are set to become China’s leading brands in kids entertainment.

Cultural Tourism Planning Institute Cultural Tourism Planning Institute

Wanda Cultural Tourism Planning & Research Institute, a core part of Wanda’s culture and tourism industry business, is the only company in China specialized in design, research and development for cultural tourism projects. The Institute undertakes R&D and construction quality control for all Wanda cultural tourism projects.

Art Collecting Art Collecting

Wanda collects paintings and calligraphy by famous contemporary Chinese artists. Over the past 20 years, it has amassed close to 1000 works by various artists valued at more than 10 billion yuan. The group has represented China as an overseas cultural ambassador on numerous occasions.