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Wanda Group becomes FIFA's first Chinese top-level sponsor partner


\FIFA President Gianni Infantino presents a jersey to Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin as a gift.
\Executives from FIFA and Wanda Group take a photo.
\The press conference.
Following the acquisition of Infront Sports & Media and World Triathlon Corporation, Wanda Group has made another major move in the sport industry sector. On March 18, 2016, International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) and Wanda Group (“Wanda” or the “Company”) signed a strategic partnership agreement. Wanda Group is the first Chinese corporation to become an official top-level sponsor partner of FIFA with the agreement to be valid for 15 years. Mr Gianni Infantino, President of FIFA and Mr Wang Jianlin, Chairman of Wanda Group jointly congratulated the official signing of the strategic partnership agreement. Mr Ma Dexing, a senior sport media reporter commented, “Wanda Group becoming a top-tier sponsor and the closest partner of FIFA, and seizing the high ground of world football, will enable the Company to enjoy an unprecedented voice within FIFA and help to advance the development of Chinese football industry” 
A FIFA Partner is the highest level of sponsor partnership in the organization, allowing the global marketing rights to all FIFA’s competitions including the FIFA World Cup™. As there are only eight places for this FIFA Partner level globally, competition is intense and standards are extremely high. Football is world number one sport and being a partner of FIFA signifies the status and strength of participating corporations, which in the past has been shared by world renowned companies.  
The partnership with FIFA is significant. Firstly, it marks a key milestone for Wanda to own the finest resources in the global sports industry and is an important breakthrough in the development of Wanda’s sport business. The partnership of Wanda and FIFA will further precipitate the pace of development of Wanda’s sport business segment. Since 2015, through the acquisitions of Infront Sports & Media in Switzerland, World Triathlon Corporation in the US and the endurance sports sector of Lagardère Sports & Entertainment in France, Wanda has established an integrated value chain, including event organization, athlete representation, event marketing and broadcasting, to become the world’s largest sports company by revenue.
Secondly, the international brand positioning of Wanda will be significantly enhanced, expediting the establishment of China’s famous brand in international arena. It is a common practice to advance global marketing initiatives through the sponsorship of international sports events, and most of the major sports organizations and competitions are sponsored by leading global corporations. With the influence of FIFA and the World Cup, it will accelerate the pace of elevating the influence and brand positioning of Wanda Group, and as a result will help secure more international market opportunities.
Thirdly, the strategic partnership will further advance the development of Chinese football. As a partner of FIFA, Wanda will be better placed to play a role in the bidding process to host major football events such as the World Cup, closing the gap on international football and enabling Chinese football to have a say in international football. Although the development of football in China is still in its infancy, with world’s largest football fan base and biggest football market, opportunities are enormous. Wanda will leverage on the expertise of FIFA to raise professional...

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