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Wuhan Central Culture District


Wuhan Central Culture District is a 50 billion yuan investment project situated in downtown Wuhan’s Wuchang District, between the East Lake and the Shahu Lake. The project covers 1.8 square kilometers and has a gross floor area of 3.4 million square meters. The development is a mixed-use cultural tourism project featuring entertainment, tourism, commerce, business and residential functions.

Han Street
Extending 1.5 kilometers, Han Street is China’s longest urban commercial pedestrian street. It has a gross floor area of 210,000 square meters. The street is home to many cultural enterprises, retailers, restaurants, entertainment venues and other businesses and has average daily foot traffic of 100,000 people.

Han Show Theater
“Han Show” is a one-of-a-kind variety show that aims to become one of the world's leading stage show performances, while the Han Show Theater’s architectural design features a unique shape of a traditional Chinese red lantern.

Wanda Movie Park
Wanda Movie Park is the world’s only indoor movie-themed park with multiple rooms. The architectural design features the shape of a chime unearthed in Hubei.

Luxury Hotels
Wanda Group plans to build three luxury hotels on the East Lake including a five-star hotel, luxury five-star hotel and a premium luxury hotel. 

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