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Wanda Group Statement


\Certain individuals with ulterior motives have recently created and spread various vicious rumors regarding the Chairman of Wanda Group, Mr. Wang Jianlin. These rumors first appeared in mid-August, but were proven completely unfounded after Mr. Wang traveled to Lanzhou, Gansu province for a business trip. Unfortunately, it appears that some people have once again been peddling the same rumors. Yesterday, Boxun, a Chinese language media outlet based overseas, exaggerated the rumor even further and continued to spread vicious gossip.

Wanda Group strongly reiterates that all of these rumors are utterly baseless and have ulterior motives behind them. Wanda Group encourages the public not to believe the rumors or spread them further. We have reported the situation to relevant government department and also reported the case to public security authorities. Wanda Group is determined to protect its rights with legal actions and pursue legal actions against the relevant media.
Dalian Wanda Group Co., Ltd.
August 28, 2017

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