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Wanda Tourism Sites across China Attract High Volume of Visits during Golden Week


\\\\\\During the Golden Week (Oct 1-8), Wanda Plazas across the country and Wanda Parks in Nanchang, Hefei, Harbin and other cities held various activities to celebrate the National Day holiday and Mid-autumn Festival, attracting high volume of visits.

The Commercial Planning & Research Institute organized Home City Fun Festival marketing activities at Wanda Plazas across China. More than 200 replicas of the moon with diameters spanning 5 meters were presented at all of the plazas to celebrate the Mid-autumn Festival. For the first time, Wanda Plazas adopted WeChat mini-programs to provide customers with preferential treatment. The plazas also cooperated with the Pepper Live Streaming app and enabled customers to experience new ways of shopping through online and offline channels. The local plazas also held large-scale marketing events such as flash mobs, graffiti and dancing to the song Penguin's Game in which around 1,000 people participated to celebrate the National Day and the Mid-autumn Festival.

Themed events were held at Wanda Parks in Nanchang, Hefei, Harbin, Nanning and Xishuangbanna, including several creative activities about constellations and the Mid-autumn Festival, which attracted many visitors.

During the National Day holiday, Wanda Kidsplace held more than 5,000 Undersea Squad-themed activities at 159 stores in Wanda Plazas across China. The activities attracted more than 20 million customers, double that of the previous year.

Danzhai Wanda Village also became a popular tourist destination in China during the Golden Week, attracting more than 400,000 visitors, among which nearly 50% were from other provinces. The rural hotels and inns in Danzhai County were all 100% occupied.

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