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Yuan Weidong: My Film “Father and Son” was Shown in the Village


Mr. Yuan Weidong, Film Director





My film “Father and Son” was shown at the cinema in Danzhai Wanda Village, marking the highest altitude ever at which it had been screened. Furthermore, we also carried out a scenic exploration for my new film that I am planning on shooting. We also customized some Danzhai-style craftworks for my upcoming film, held a free-for-all benefit film screening as mentioned, and plan to shoot a mini-documentary entitled “Danzhai as I See It.”

As the second mayor of Danzhai Wanda Village, Yuan Wei-Dong who is a film director has spent a few days in the village to produce a mini-documentary on Danzhai and its unique Miao culture.;TOMAJ3DBeeOYDVSAPtAn9btSV9hRzw~_9GFcT9RxW9LQhgFBD7AbAUJXo~-.bps.a.1630312590326000.1073741830.1568362746520985/1630312756992650/?type=3&theater

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