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Gao Yanqiu: Four Steps to Contribute to the Development of Danzhai


Mr. Gao Yanqiu, Advertising Professional



“As the 3rd mayor, I undertook four steps to contribute to the development of Danzhai. First, I delivered a training course on creative and marketing communications, sharing my advice and suggestions on Danzhai’s brand positioning as well as various approaches on how to best promote Danzhai to the outside world. Second, we carried out crowdfunding for the Miao’s cultural heritage and traditions, including handmade papermaking and batik. Third, we made plans to help showcase Danzhai as a case study of poverty alleviation in advertising festivals. Finally, we helped facilitate the deepening of friendly relations between Danzhai and other poor villages nearby and explored the possibility of assisting the local Hope primary schools obtain the necessary support in the future. I asked EMBA Beijing Class 3 from the China-Europe International Business School to support the villagers, and we hope that a benefit activity will be held in Danzhai within 6 months-time. ”

Stories of local Danzhai people have touched the heart of our third mayor Gao Yuanqiu. Check out the highlights of his mayorship.

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With extensive advertising experience, how will Gao Yuanqiu, the third mayor help promote Danzhai Wanda Village? If you're also interested in contributing to this village, apply here:

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