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Steve Zhao: Come and Taste Danzhai Ciba for Yourself!


Mr. Zhao Hui (Steve Zhao), International Photographer


“If you are fortunate enough to visit Danzhai during festivals or when there is a Miao marriage ceremony, you will be dazzled by the varied and colorful costumes and silver ornaments of Miao women. Because hand-made Miao costumes are sewn individually by Miao women in their homes, there are hardly two costumes with the same style or pattern.”

“Like Japanese mochi, ciba is often served at festivals, but is also eaten as a delicious and filling snack. Making ciba is an artform in itself; pounding the glutinous rice into paste requires a lot of experience and technique; a consistent fast-paced rhythm, accuracy, stability and power is required in order to transform the glutinous rice evenly to produce the perfect 'sticky' texture. Similar glutinous rice snacks can be found across Asia including

Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Come taste the Danzhai ciba for yourself.”

Steve Zhao has been touring Danzhai, preparing for his “Danzhai Story” project. "This is a very special place for me. I’ve met many Miao people in my travels, but the culture of Danzhai is so unique. The clothing, the traditions, this place is like a window back in time to the late Qing dynasty." Steve said.

Mr. Zhao used his camera to make the story of Danzhai come to life for the outside world. The photos taken by him during his term as mayor will be exhibited both at home and abroad in his photo exhibition “China Stories.”

“Being mayor has been an experience of a lifetime for me. Truly unforgettable. I really hope more overseas visitors come to visit this earthly paradise. Danzhai Wanda Village deserves to be a real travel destination.” 

Cutting his teeth in the New York fashion and commercial photography scene in the late 1980s and 1990s, Steve returned to China with the aim of showcasing the beauty of his homeland. He achieved widespread acclaim for the exhibition “China Story” where he showcased the people, scenery, arts and culture of China. Steve captured the daily lives of the locals in his “Danzhai Story” project.

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