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Feng Mantian: “Memories of Danzhai”


Mr. Feng Mantian, Artist and Actor




Mr. Feng visited Danzhai’s cultural center of local heritage and customs and carried out research on the culture surrounding the Lusheng, a reed pipe wind musical instrument. He also participated as a judge and guest in the “Voice of Wanda,” a Wanda-employee singing contest, which had its 2017 season finale held in Danzhai. In addition, he creatively improvised the song “Memories of Danzhai,” which he played on the stage of the “Voice of Wanda.”

The village was alive with music this past weekend as our 8th mayor, musician 冯满天 FENG Mantian, brought his unique sound to the area. Mantian plays Chinese rock and jazz on the zhong-ruan, a very traditional Chinese string instrument. The combination made for a lively concert for the local crowd, especially when he did a jam session with the local Village band.

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