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Wanda Kids Entertainment

Wanda Children's Entertainment, as the world's largest children's entertainment chain enterprise, has two brands, Wanda Kidsplace Park and Wanda Kidsplace Early Education Club, to form the children's entertainment consumption industry chain with IP as the core. Currently, Wanda Children's Entertainment has opened 115 stores in the country, and plans to open a total of 800 stores by 2020.

Wanda Kidsplace Park

Wanda Kidsplace Park creates a cartoon-themed atmosphere, to integrate rich and colorful experiences into entertainment programs. It creates a happy environment for developing children’s thinking, cultivating children’s social interaction, enriching children’s life and enhancing parent-child connection.

Wanda Kidsplace Early Education Club

Wanda Kidsplace Early Education Club uses music, sports, intelligence cognition, thinking training, social interaction and other aspects of interactive content to let children develop in an all-around way in the form of games.

Wanda Children's Entertainment

Wanda Children's Entertainment has independently developed IP images, and conducts manufacturing, production, sales and authorization of derivatives, to form the children's entertainment IP industry chain.