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Financial Group

Wanda Financial Group has investment, asset management, insurance and other companies, and aims to achieve a full-licensed financial operation in the future.

Investment Company

Wanda Investment Company is responsible for Wanda's strategic mergers and acquisitions while conducting large-scale PE investment and asset management businesses.The size of the assets under its management has exceeded 5 billion yuan.

Asset Management Company

Aeon Insurance Asset Management Company has a wealth of experience in asset management, a professional asset management team and management and operation technologies, and its investment yield has been significantly higher than the industry average level.

Aeon Life Insurance

Aeon Life Insurance is a comprehensive national insurance company, with more than 20 companies at the provincial level and 288 branches, covering main insurance businesses and key regional markets. Over the past five years, the company maintained a 92% annual premium increase and a 74% total asset growth, and the two core indicators are ranked in the forefront of the industry.