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Commercial Planning & Research Institute

Wanda Commercial Planning & Research Institute is the only company in China that specializes in the planning and design of large shopping centers, five-star hotels and resorts. It forms a key part of Wanda’s core competitiveness in the commercial property sector and is solely responsible for planning, landscape design and other work related to all Wanda projects. It participates in product positioning, cost control, technical support and other aspects over the entire course of the project’s lifecycle. Each year, the institute undertakes design assignments for more than 30 million square meters of commercial property.


WCPRI is the pioneer firm of the third-generation urban complex – HOPSCA. The picture shows a HOPSCA indoor pedestrian street designed by the institute.WCPRI is the pioneer firm of the third-generation urban complex – HOPSCA.


WCPRI has designed a new global culture & tourism brand – Wanda City. Nanchang Wanda City is shown in the picture.


WCPRI not only drafts technical standards for Wanda’s commercial property but has also been invited by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development, the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Public Security to assist in the formulation of national industry standards.