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Group Profile

Wanda Group was established in 1988 and has developed into a conglomerate of commercial properties, culture, Internet and finance. It ranked 380th on the Fortune Global 500 List in 2016. By June 30, 2017, its assets amounted to 882.64 billion yuan with revenue of 134.85 billion yuan. By 2020, Wanda Group aims to become a world class multinational corporation with assets of $200 billion, market capitalization of $200 billion, revenue of $100 billion and net profits of $10 billion. 

Commercial Properties

Wanda Commercial Properties is the world's largest commercial properties enterprise, holding a combined 33.87 million square meters of property spaces. It has opened 237 Wanda Plaza projects in such Chinese cities as Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Kunming. 

Cultural Industry Group

Wanda Cultural Industry Group is China’s largest cultural enterprise, with a revenue of 30.8 billion yuan in the first half of 2017. 

Internet Group 

Wanda Internet Technology Group, as China’s only Industry + Internet large open platform, has Ffan Technology, 99Bill, Credit Rating Company, Online Credit Company, Big Data and other companies. It uses big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, scene application and other technologies to realize digital upgrades of industrial entities and provide new consumer services for consumers. 

Financial Group

Wanda Financial Group has investment, asset management, insurance and other companies, and aims to achieve a full-licensed financial operation in the future.