Domestic Film Companies

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Domestic Film Companies

Wanda Film Group has formed the entire industry chain from production, distribution to screening, holding subsidiaries such as AMC Entertainment Inc., Odeon & UCI Cinemas Group and Wanda Cinema Line with 16,000 screens and 1,551 cinemas around the world.

Wuzhou Film Distribution

Wuzhou Film Distribution is one of the largest film distributors in China that specializes in film distribution and marketing.

Wanda Pictures

Wanda Pictures is a leading filmmaker in China..

Wanda Film Holding

A-Share listed in January 2015, Wanda Film Holding (002739.SZ) is the largest film company in China that provides services in sectors such as film production, screening, distribution, advertising, and games. In 2017, it opened 516 chain cinemas with 4,571 screens, accounting for 14% of the total box office of China.