Aeon Life Insurance

With a registered capital of 7.79 billion yuan and total assets in excess of 70 billion yuan, Aeon Life Insurance owns more than 20 branches at the provincial level and over 300 subsidiaries across China. It provides major insurance services in key regional markets and maintains healthy and rapid growth in premium income and asset scale.

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Wanda Investment Company

Wanda Investment Company has successfully achieved strong returns by conducting large-scale PE investments and providing asset management services in the fields of finance, consumption, culture, sports and tourism.

Asset Management Company

Aeon Insurance Asset Management Company has a wealth of experience in asset management, a professional asset management team and management and operation technologies. The investment yield has been significantly higher than the industry average level.

Wanda Puhui Microcredit

With registered capital of 1 billion yuan, Guangzhou Wanda Puhui Microcredit Co., Ltd. is committed to offering convenient, efficient, flexible and safe financial products for SMEs and individuals.