Wanda Film Group

Wanda Film Group has formed the entire industry chain from production, distribution to screening, holding subsidiaries such as AMC Entertainment Inc., Odeon & UCI Cinemas Group and Wanda Cinema Line with 16,576 screens and 1,641 cinemas around the world.

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  • Wanda Film |

    A-Share listed in January 2015, Wanda Film Holding (002739.SZ) is the largest film company in China that provides services in sectors such as film production, screening, distribution, advertising, Mtime.com and games. In 2017, it opened 516 chain cinemas with 4,571 screens, accounting for 14% of the total box office of China.

  • Wanda Pictures |

    Wanda Pictures is a leading filmmaker in China.

  • Wuzhou Film Distribution |

    Wuzhou Film Distribution is one of the largest film distributors in China that specializes in film distribution and marketing.

  • AMC Entertainment |

    AMC (NYSE:AMC), a majority-owned subsidiary of Wanda Group, is the largest cinema chain in the U.S. and the world with 8,110 screens in 631 cinemas.

  • Odeon & UC |

    Odeon & UCI Cinemas Group controlled by AMC is the biggest cinema chain in Europe with 2,244 screens in 244 cinemas, accounting for about 20% of the box office in Europe and dominating market shares in major European countries.

  • Nordic Cinema |

    Nordic Cinema controlled by AMC has 664 screens in 118 cinemas in Northern Europe, taking a major market share in Northern Europe.

  • Hoyts Cinema, Australia |

    Wanda’s Hoyts Cinema is the second largest cinema chain operator in Oceania, owning 472 screens in 54 cinemas.

  • Legendary Entertainment

    Wanda Group-acquired Legendary Entertainment is a leading film production company in the U.S. that owns film, television, digital and comics divisions.

Kidsplace Group

Wanda Kidsplace Group is China’s leading children's entertainment franchise integrating children education, entertainment, gourmet and retail in one place. With parks, early education and IP at its core, Kidsplace has already opened 351 Kidsplace Parks and Kidsplace Early Education Clubs across China, receiving 199 million visits in 2018.

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Wanda Culture Travel Innovation Group

Wanda Culture Travel Innovation Group is China’s leading service provider in cultural tourism, covering the entire value chain from creativity, planning and design, to construction and operation. The Group has already built more than 10 large-scale cultural tourism projects across the country.

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Wanda Sports Group

As one of the leading sports marketing companies in the world, Wanda Sports is the exclusive commercial partner of a dozen international sports federations, including FIFA and FIBA. Wanda Sports' portfolio features 20 different sports across the globe – from football, winter sports, cycling to basketball and many, many more.

  • Infront Sports and Media|

    Infront Sports & Media, as one of the world’s largest sports marketing and sports media production companies, is leading in winter sports and football.

  • Evertop Sports Culture Media|

    Evertop Sports Culture Media is China’s leading company in sports broadcasting, as well as media copyright promotion.

  • Wanda Sports China

    Wanda Sports China has brought in 7 world-class, China-exclusive international competitions, including IRONMAN China Series, China Cup International Football Championship, UCI World Tour-Tour of Guangxi, UCI Urban Cycling, Chengdu International Marathon, Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, and BWF World Tour Finals.

Wanda Big Health Company

Wanda Big Health Company brought in the entire healthcare system from University of Pittsburg Medical Center (UPMC), including the UPMC brand, management team, technical champions and medical training, etc. Wanda has innovated a new healthcare model with topnotch hospitals at the core and multiple sectors integrated, including general medical care, rehabilitation, commercial and training, etc. Wanda plans to invest and build 5 world-class international hospitals in cities including Chengdu and Guangzhou.

Sunseeker International

Sunseeker International, one of the world's premier luxury motor yacht manufacturers.

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Art Collecting

Arts Work Collections, Wanda Group is committed to collecting modern and contemporary paintings and calligraphies by top Chinese artists.