In 1990, a young and considerably less wealthy Wanda Group donated 1 million yuan to build a teachers’ kindergarten in Xigang District, Dalian. In 1991, Wanda donated 2 million yuan to convert the cement-covered People’s Square in Dalian into green space. In 1993, Wanda donated 20 million yuan to build the Dalian Xigang Stadium.

In May 2008, Wanda Group was the first company in China to make donations to the quake-affected regions after the Sichuan earthquake. Total donations made by Wanda Group reached 350 million yuan, one of the largest sums donated by a private Chinese company. Individual donations by Wanda employees averaged 1,300 yuan.

In April 2010, Wanda Group donated 100 million yuan to Yushu, Qinghai Province after a major earthquake hit the area. Chairman Wang Jianlin was recognized as a National Model for Earthquake Relief Work by the CPC Central Committee, the State Council and the Central Military Commission of China for his contributions during the 2010 Yushu Earthquake.

In October 2010, Wanda Group donated 200 million yuan to construct the Chengdu No. 7 Wanda Middle School. At the time, this was the single largest corporate donation ever made to secondary education in China.

In November 2010, to promote traditional Chinese culture, Chairman Wang Jianlin personally donated 1 billion yuan to support the reconstruction of the Grand Bao’en Temple Ruins Park in Nanjing, marking the largest ever one-time personal donation in the history of Chinese philanthropy

In July 2011, Wanda Group inked a strategic cooperation agreement with the Chinese Football Association. Under the agreement, Wanda will donate 600 million yuan to fund the development of football in China.

In October 2014, Wanda Group donated 100 million yuan to build Guangyuan Wanda Middle School of Sichuan Normal University

Since 2006, Wanda Headquarters and all its local companies have established volunteer stations, and all Wanda employees have become volunteers. Wanda requires each employee to participate in volunteer activities at least once a year.

Wanda Group is the company that has won the most "China Charity Award" and "Poverty Elimination Awards" in China.