Wanda Group was established in 1988 and has developed into a conglomerate of commercial management, culture, real estate and finance. It ranked 380th on the Fortune Global 500 List in 2016. In 2017, its assets amounted to 700 billion yuan with revenue of 227.3 billion yuan.

Wanda Group is striving to become a model in corporate social responsibility. Wanda Group has been the employer that creates the most jobs in China for many consecutive years. In 2017, it created 195,000 service jobs that accounted for 1.5% of new employment nationwide in the year, including 84,000 jobs for college students.

Wanda Group donated 1.6 billion yuan to aid Danzhai County in Qiandongnan Prefecture, Guizhou Province to create a targeted poverty alleviation model of “one enterprise responsible for the overall poverty alleviation of one county”. The poverty alleviation program won China’s first Poverty Alleviation and Innovation Award issued by the State Council, building a new targeted poverty alleviation brand in China.

Wanda Group has a mission of “Creating Common Prosperity through Serving the Community”. Over the past 30 years, Wanda Group has accumulatively donated 5.8 billion yuan in cash to numerous charitable causes, making it one of China’s largest private donors.

Wanda Group is one of China’s earliest adopters of sustainable building practices, and has obtained more national green-building certificates than any other companies in the country, accumulatively gaining a total of 614 national green building certifications. In 2017, Wanda obtained 126 green building certificates, including 77 for green building design and 49 for green building operation.