Wanda Group was cited as one of the “most influential enterprises among China’s shopping centers”


On November 13 and 14, the China Shopping Centers Committee of the China General Chamber of Commerce held the 2008 annual meeting of China’s shopping centers in the city of Guangzhou. At this meeting, Chairman Wang Jianlin won the “award for the 2008 most influential persons among China’s shopping centers”, Wanda Group won the “award for the 2008 most influential enterprise among China’s shopping centers”, and the Wanda Plaza in Ningbo won the “special award for the 2008 regional economic contributions among China’s shopping centers”.

At the meeting, the experts, scholars and operators from the shopping center development enterprises, operation and management enterprises, department stores and shopping center research institutions discussed the development trend of China’s shopping centers, the construction of the star-rated shopping centers and the roles of leading department stores in the shopping centers.


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