Themed Entertainment

Wanda Themed Entertainment Company is China's leading theme park management and operation company that runs 6 ultralarge tourism projects in China, including large outdoor theme parks, movie paradises, water paradises, ocean paradises, ski resorts,large stage shows, etc.

Hotels and Resorts

Wanda Hotels and Resorts has formed a full-cycle industry chain from hotel design, construction to management. It has 4 brands, i.e. Wanda Reign, Wanda Vista, Wanda Realm and Wanda Jin, and runs 70 five-star hotels in and out of China.

Wanda Hotel Design and Research Institute (WHDRI) is the world's leading hotel design firm specializes in designing all aspects of what’s needed in a hotel, including interior facilities, electromechanical equipment, lighting, artworks and kitchenware. WHDRI has successfully designed hotels for the world’s top five hotel management companies, and has designed and operated over 100 hotel projects.

Cultural Tourism Planning and Research Institute

Wanda Cultural Tourism Planning and Research Institute (WCTPRI) is the first research and development institution in China’s cultural tourism industry that has been awarded the title of “National High-tech Enterprise”. WCTPRI brings together local and international artists and talents in science. Its businesses cover theme-related entertainment and creative development, manufacturing, franchising and licensing of spinoffs. As winner of numerous Chinese and international awards, including IAAPA Brass Ring Award, WWA Innovation Award and PCBC Gold Nugget Award, it acts as Wanda Group’s incubator of cultural creativity, science and technology innovation.