Wanda Reduced Carbon Emission by 150,000 Tons in the Past Five Years and Launches Its 3rd Five-Year Plan for Green Building and Energy Conservation


On December 30, 2020, Wanda launched its 3rd five-year plan for green building and energy conservation, with higher standards and greater efforts to improve energy efficiency.


Over the past five years, Wanda Plazas across China have saved 150 million kwh of electricity, equivalent to 150,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. This is a major achievement of Wanda Group’s 2nd five-year plan for green building and energy conservation. On December 30, Wanda Group released the Outline of the 3rd Five-Year Plan for Green building and energy efficiency (2021-2025), the third such document in Wanda’s history.


As a pioneer of green building and energy efficiency among Chinese enterprises, Wanda Group, starting from 2000, had taken initiative to promote energy conservation in buildings without mandatory state regulations. In 2011, Wanda Group launched its first five-year plan for green building and energy efficiency, eestablished an organization dedicated to green building and energy conservation, and made it clear that new projects that were to be opened from 2011 onwards must obtain the “green building design” certification. Thus, Wanda has become the first large private enterprise in China to fully implement green building and energy efficiency. In its second five-year plan period from 2016 to 2020, Wanda raised the bar again. Apart from the “green building design” certification requirement, new projects to be opened for business must also obtain the “green building operation” certification.

To ensure green and energy-saving operation of Wanda Plazas, Wanda has independently developed the Huiyun Intelligent Management System. Through its 16 subsystems, Huiyun connects over one million pieces of equipment and three million devices across China, generating 100 billion pieces of operation data annually, which can be applied in big data modeling to enable smart management of Wanda Plazas. On average, as much as 480,000 yuan of energy cost has been saved by each Wanda Plaza per year.

With the help of BIM technologies, Wanda also launched the Zhuyun system, an information-based system to manage the development and construction of building projects. Thus, an integrated governance system covering the entire life cycle of large commercial buildings, from design and contracting, to construction and operation, has been formed to further promote intelligent green construction. Driven by organizational and technological advantages, Wanda has made remarkable achievements in green construction. By the end of 2020, Wanda has obtained 862 green building certifications, including 538 for design, 232 for operation and 83 for green hotels. The number of green building certifications Wanda owns is far ahead other enterprises in China.

Wanda Group’s new five-year plan sets higher standards for green building and energy efficiency. The new plan requires that all Wanda Plazas, buildings, hotels and tourist villages of Wanda should obtain at least one-star green building certification, and that all Wanda Malls and hospitals should obtain two-star green building certification.


From 2021 to 2025, Wanda will complete the certification of 30 green shopping malls and 20 green hotels. It is expected that Wanda Plazas will make even greater efforts to save energy and reduce consumption during the new “five-year plan” period.

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